All Nations Soccer League (ANSL)

We are excited to announce our partnership with All Nations Soccer League! As of August 1, 2019, ANSL has officially become BVSA's stateside initiative in reaching the nations for Christ through the game of soccer.    


What is All Nations Soccer League? 

ANSL is a soccer league serving the refugee community in Jacksonville, FL. The mission is to provide a soccer league for refugees - and people of all nations - that unifies the community around discovering and deepening a relationship with Jesus.  Currently ANSL has over 250 players from over 60 nations!  


The core values of ANSL are restoration, unity, and empowerment.

RESTORE refugees from the devastation and loss they came from and help them thrive in creating a new life and to restore people of all nations in their relationship with God.  UNIFY refugees with people of all nations in our city by using the game of soccer and the discovery of Jesus to breakdown racial hostility and forge healthy community. EMPOWER refugees and young adult males with the character and values to be successful men, husbands, fathers, students and workers that positively impact our community and help raise up the next generation.


How did BVSA and ANSL come together? 

Brock Johnson (BVSA) and Josh Kimball (ANSL) were introduced to one another in 2018 through a common friend, Ben Chatraw.  It didn't take long before the similarities of the ministries were too much to ignore.  Both agreed - the Spirit of God was moving!  As they continued talking and praying, God began forming a partnership that we believe is just beginning...


ANSL had previously been working under World Relief Jacksonville.  But when World Relief's local office was shut down in the summer of 2019, it became clear that it was God's timing for BVSA and ANSL to come together.  

We step forward in faith, and are excited for whatever God wants to accomplish through this partnership!


Contact / Support ANSL?

For more information on ANSL, visit  To donate, pay for team registration, etc, CLICK HERE and note "ANSL" in the memo.