BVSA Guatemala - Support Team

Enrique Lopez:  Enrique graduated from the Rhinos in 2015.  He has been in the program since the day we opened our doors in 2010.


Enrique is currently studying weekends at University Galileo in Antigua, Guatemala.  He is the first ever man from the village of Buena Vista to go to college!  He's studying Business Administration, and works full-time in the academy in a similar role.  He keeps the books, pays salaries, pays the bills, assists in all things administrative, and also helps in class as a tutor.  We could not be prouder of Enrique - not only for what he's achieving with his education goals, but also for the christian man that he has become.  


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Dennilson Lopez:  Dennilson manages the facilities at BVSA.  Currently in his final year of the academy, "Nicho" has maintained a high level of integrity throughout his career as a Rhino, and we knew we wanted to keep him on staff.  His humble spirit and hard-working attitude are his character traits that everyone notices right away. 


Currently, Nicho oversees all of the facilities at BVSA Guatemala.  He does everything from maintenance, to cleaning, to general repairs.  He is also studying on the weekends to obtain his mechanic certificate. Every Saturday, he trains our girls soccer team "Las Rinas."


Nicho has had a very difficult life; we've been through many ups and downs with him and his family over the last 7 years.  Through it all he has developed a strong faith in the Lord, and we are excited to see how God continues to use him.  


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Darwin Ramos:  Darwin is currently participating in our 1-year leadership program.  Without question, he is developing into a strong leader.  Still a member of the Rhinos, he works for BVSA part-time in the mornings.  He assists Dennilson with managing facilities, which includes doing anything from mowing grass, sweeping the gym and classrooms, and washing the team vans.


What sets Darwin apart is his unique desire to serve others.  Humble and helpful, he is always the first one to jump when something needs done.  Its a quality that has earned him the opportunity to work for BVSA, and as he continues to grow we envision him transitioning into a leadership role. 


Darwin is currently 17 years old and an important member of the varsity Rhino's defense.


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Allan Marroquin:  Allan graduated from the 2015 BVSA class.  In that year he was both our varsity MVP as well as leading scorer.  But because of his development as a young man, heart for Christ, and for his own community, we knew we wanted to bring him onto our team.


Allan has a promising career as a soccer coach, and as a leader of young men.  He now works part-time helping coach the JV Rhinos and assisting in various areas.


We hope to have Allan continue leading young Rhinos for many years to come!


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Johanna Herrera:  Johanna has been with us as our lead cook for teams ever since we started back in 2008.  She joined BVSA in 2012 and has been working full time for us ever since.   Johanna and her husband Byron have been good friends to us for many years.  They have 5 children.


Johanna is a terrific cook!  She loves the boys and is thankful for her job.  In addition to running our feeding center ("the training table"), she still cooks for visiting mission teams when they are in town.


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