BVSA Honduras

God willing, we plan to open our academy in Travesia, Honduras in April 2018!  Our BVSA-Honduras team relocated to Travesia late last year and have been getting more involved in the community and making preparations.  As more of the boys in the village begin spending time at the academy, the excitement to relaunch the ministry is growing!  


It has been a tremendous blessing to get back into Travesia!  God has been faithful in preparing the way for Jason, the Fosters, and Axel so that they can get adjusted into their new community.  


They have been able to reconnect with a lot of the Rhinos, as well as spend a lot of time with Peter, who is a local coach who is a key part of our staff.  Its been great to see old friends and make new ones too.  

The academy is set to reopen in early April.  Until then there is plenty to do!  No day ever looks the same with various jobs and projects that are beginning or under way already.  These range from maintaining the soccer field (weeds and ants are our #1 enemy!)...  to getting netting and lights installed so the field can be used at night in order to get some relief from the 100+ degree days... to meeting with families and getting to know the community better. 


We are faithfully trusting God each day. We’re excited to be a part of his plan to redeem this community. Thank you for joining us on the journey!