BVSA Honduras... almost ready!

We are excited to say that we are very close to re-opening the Buena Vista Sports Academy of Honduras!  The village of Travesia is a place desperate for Jesus, and we are anxious to be back.


We believe in our BVSA model!  We have seen countless lives changed, generational sins broken, and an entire village impacted.  And we are committed to planting more BVSA academies in tough places around the world.


Missionary Training Program:

We have spent the last several months in an intensive missionary training program with our Honduras missionaries.  We strategically divided the training into 2 parts:


1) Missionary Life Training:  The Great Commission, What to Expect in the Mission Field, Language and Immersion, Financial Integrity, the Impact of Missions on the Family, Crossing Cultures, When Helping Hurts, Safety & Security, and more.


2) BVSA Operational Training:  BVSA's Core Beliefs (Overall Vision, Planting Procedures, Financial Integrity), Bible Teaching,  Soccer Program, Education Program, Finances & Administration, Nutrition & Hygiene, Hosting Mission Teams, and more.