BVSA Travesia, Honduras

Ever since we came home from Honduras in early 2014, we knew God was up to something. Our JV boys played in a soccer tournament there, but the trip ended up being so much more than that.

During the trip, God led us to a little village called Travesia.  An extremely poor community located on the Caribbean Honduran coastline. Like Buena Vista, Guatemala, it is a unique combination of extreme poverty and natural beauty blended together in the same place.


We met some people there who were in the beginning stages of starting a soccer program for boys. Interestingly, they had started the program specifically to help keep the boys off the streets.  They told us that in Travesia, all the boys end up selling or doing drugs. In addition, sexual promiscuity and HIV is a serious problem.  

Three brothers and a sister had decided to try to do something about it - and a new soccer program in raw form was how they were trying to help keep the boys out of trouble.  It was a moment we will never forget.


When we boarded the bus, we (BVSA leaders) prayed together about what had just happened.  We asked God why he brought us to Travesia...  how we could help...  and to please lead us.


5 trips to Travesia, Honduras (and one visit from them to Guatemala) later...  

We knew that God was leading BVSA to plant another boys academy.


We believe more than ever that the Rhinos are the key to making disciples and winning their community to Christ.  We also know that Jesus commanded us to go into the world and make disciples...  which means, for us, planting more boys academies must be an important part of what we do!


BVSA-Honduras now exists as a result of this sweet story of God's leading. We are excited about what the future has in store and committed to help more people in the village of Travesia come to know the love of Jesus.