Honduran Staff

Yaina Ramos

Yaina is our lead cook.  She has been with us from the beginning, and has truly become like family.  She loves her job, loves preparing new things, is an absolute joy to have around, and is always happy and positive.


Yaina likes to dance and spend time with her family.  She says, “It's like a refuge to work here.”  She is married and has three (3) beautiful boys.


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Marcio Thomas

Marcio - the man, the myth the legend!  By title, he is our Director of Facilities, but in reality he is much more than that. He is always busy working on something, staying productive even when the day's work is done!  


Marcio is a leader in the community of Travesia, and has been a key figure in opening up communication between our missionaries and the locals.  He is married and has four (4) daughters. We are proud to have him on our team!


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Shelby Messam

Shelby is our classroom teacher. Initially, she was Jeremy and Maria's Spanish teacher when they first moved to Honduras. Later, when we were looking for additional help in the classroom, it became clear that Shelby was the perfect fit.


Shelby has worked with BVSA since 2018 and brings many qualifications. She loves the Lord with all her heart, is fully bilingual, is an excellent teacher, and she loves helping the boys of Travesia.  She likes to spend her free time writing, going to the gym and hanging out family and friends.


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