The Kimball Family

After playing Div I soccer in college, Josh played professionally for the next 6 years.  For him, soccer was always a tool for sharing his faith, and it gave him opportunities to do so in countries all over the world.  


Thankfully, it eventually led him to running a soccer camp in Haiti, where he fell in love with a missionary girl from Northern Ireland!  Josh and Ashleigh's love for Jesus, and passion for the Great Commission, has been the center of their relationship from the start.


For the last few years, the Kimball's have been leading All Nations Soccer League in Jacksonville, FL.  Providing a highly competitive soccer league to refugees in the area, ANSL has grown to over 300 players from more than 80 nations!  More importantly, the gospel is front-and-center in the league, being shared weekly through bible teaching and discipleship.


Now God has called the Kimball's back to the foreign mission field.  ANSL will continue, as they will be transitioning operations into the capable hands of new leaders before their early 2021 departure to the field.  God willing,the plan is to spend a year of training and preparation at our Honduras Academy, and launch a new plant in 2022 (location to be determined).


With Josh and Ashleigh's deep love for Jesus, missions, and soccer, God has prepared them uniquely for this calling.  They have three sweet boys, Jaxon (3) and Judah (2), and new baby Josiah.  What a perfect time to accept God's call to the nations!!!


Watch their announcement video HERE!  You can follow the Kimball's journey on Ashleigh's blog.  To support their family, see below!

How to Support the Kimball's and/or BVSA

Family Support:  The Kimball's family support covers their personal expenses and all standard monthly bills.  Their monthly budget has been approved by the BVSA Board of Directors.


To support the Kimball Family directly, CLICK HERE and you'll be routed to their support page through our friends at Commission to Every Nation (CTEN).


Academy Support:  Each BVSA Academy has its own monthly operational budget.  This amount covers feeding all 36 boys and workers every day (over 800 meals per month!), paying support staff, and all bills and operating costs for the academy and classroom, tournament entry fees, and uniforms and soccer equipment.  


If you would like to help support the BVSA Academy budget, please CLICK HERE in order to make a donation directly to BVSA.