Mission Statement

The Buena Vista Sports Academy exists to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to tough places around the world, disciple boys and young men through daily Bible teaching, plant or partner with local churches, and see individuals, families, and communities come to saving faith in Christ.

Founded in 2010, BVSA is an evangelism & discipleship ministry that uses the game of soccer to get into tough places around the world. We are committed to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, as found in Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, and Acts 1:8.


What began as a simple step of faith in 2008 has grown into a display of God's grace and provision through the generous support of his people.  We have witnessed his faithfulness time and time again, which has strengthened our faith and emboldened our steps.  We trust that as we lay our lives down for his sake, he will continue to use BVSA for the growth of the church and the glory of his name.


Pray with us as we preach Christ crucified to young men, their current and future families, and their entire communities!  And please consider partnering with us as we use Soccer Academies as a bridge to get there.


"Go after the boys and young men. As they surrender to Christ, the impact will eventually rebuild the family, transform the community, and change generations to come."

- Brock Johnson