BVSA-Guatemala Staff

Allan & Glendy Marroquin:  Allan graduated from the 2015 BVSA class in Buena Vista, Guatemala.  In that year he was both varsity MVP as well as leading scorer.  But because of his development as a young man, and his heart for Christ and for his own community, we knew we wanted to bring him onto our team.


Allan has a promising career as a soccer coach, and as a leader of young men.  He now works for BVSA full-time in both capacities.  He is also the head coach, and founder, of our girls program, "Las Rinas".  Allan is married to his high-school sweetheart, Glendy, and they have two children, Stacy and Nathan.


Glendy also serves at BVSA in various roles, and also helps coach the Rinas girl's team.  She is one of the first ever to graduate from University from the entire village of Buena Vista!


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Johanna Herrera:  Johanna has been with BVSA since 2012, and was our cook for mission teams since 2008. Johanna and her husband Byron have been good friends for many years.  They have 5 children.


Johanna is a terrific cook!  She loves the boys and is thankful for her job.  In addition to running our feeding center ("the training table"), she still cooks for visiting mission teams when they are in town.


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Wisman:  Wisman graduated from BVSA-Guatemala in 2020.