Mendez Family


Axel was a member of the first ever graduating class of BVSA Rhinos (Guatemala) in 2011.  He was voted "Most Valuable Player" based on the leadership and stability he brought to the team.  With Axel on the field, the team was always confident it could win.


More important than his soccer skills, Axel demonstrated a level of integrity that we found extremely unique.  So much so that we decided to hire him full-time.  When the opportunity to plant BVSA Honduras came along in 2014, Axel committed to leave his native Guatemala and become a missionary to Honduras - making him the first ever missionary from his village of Buena Vista!


Axel was married to his wife Mireya in 2021, who left her home of Santo Tomas, Guatemala, to join him in Honduras.  Together, they are helping us raise up a new generation of leaders in the village of Travesia!  To support or contact Axel and Mireya, please use the links above.