Purpose & Vision

The day the first academy opened - June, 2011
The day the first academy opened - June, 2011

Mission Statement:

The Buena Vista Sports Academy (BVSA) exists to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to tough places around the world, disciple boys and young men through daily bible teaching, plant or partner with local churches, and see individuals, families, and communities come to faith in Christ.



The overwhelming majority of what we do in a BVSA Academy centers around boys and young men hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, being taught the Bible, and discipled in their faith. We aim to raise up mature followers of Jesus, obedient to the scriptures, who will love and lead their families, be committed to their local church, love and serve their neighbors, and share their faith with and disciple others.  We believe that if we can raise up young men in the true gospel, the impact will eventually rebuild the family, establish the local church, and change the future generations in tough places around the world. 


The game of soccer gives us access into tough places around the world, and an audience of boys and young men. Soccer is essentially an international language, and a unique way to gain several hours per day of a young man's undivided attention.  The soccer academy environment opens the door to sharing the gospel daily, teaching the Bible, and life-on-life discipleship. We are deeply involved in the daily life of the boys and young men in our academies.  


Our ministry model is long-term.  When a BVSA Academy opens, the goal is to dig permanent roots for the establishment of the church in that place. Behind the tough attitude and thick skin of a street kid, there is often much pain and brokenness inside. Their lives are not easy, and it typically takes a long time to gain trust.  In the midst of the daily academy schedule, our greatest task is to teach these young men God’s Word, and as the Holy Spirit draws them to Himself, disciple them to maturity in their new found faith. 


Our missionaries and pastors must be committed long-term.  Credibility and relationships take time, and the planting of a local church takes even longer.  Our ultimate goal is a healthy local church, with mature and qualified leaders, in every place where we have a BVSA Academy.