Purpose & Vision

The day the first academy opened - June, 2011
The day the first academy opened - June, 2011

Mission Statement:

The Buena Vista Sports Academy (BVSA) exists to take the love of Jesus to tough places, evangelize and disciple boys to maturity in their faith, pray for the Holy Spirit to light them on fire, and see families and communities come to Christ as a result.



Everything that we do centers around helping boys and/or young men hear the gospel, and be discipled in their faith. We pray that they would become young men that will lead their families and entire communities in a new direction – towards following Jesus, loving and providing for their families, and serving one another.  


Our ministry model is long-term.  When a BVSA Academy opens, we aim to be a place that will forever be known in the community as a place of love and hope.  The idea from the outset is to dig permanent roots for the establishment of the church in that place.


The vision for BVSA started after living and working in a small village in Guatemala (see "The Beginning" for more.)


As our mission statement says, we use soccer to take the gospel to tough places. The game of soccer is essentially an international language.  What else can help provide several hours per day of a young man's undivided attention?  Through soccer training, Bible teaching, and life-on-life discipleship, our desire is to be deeply involved in the daily life of every boy in our academies.  


Behind the tough attitudes and thick skin of a street kid, there is often much pain and brokenness inside.  Their lives are not easy.  In the midst of all the programs and hard work within the BVSA daily schedule, our greater task is to shape these young men into new creatures - lovers of Jesus and of people - and lead them the Hope that will never let them down.


A BVSA Academy could simply be defined as a church family.  Church communities have specific cultural dynamics and social dynamics, and they adapt and adjust, as instructed by Paul in the new testament, in order to reach the people around them.  That is exactly what we aim to do through the Buena Vista Sports Academy for Boys.