Purpose & Vision

first day the original BVSA opened
first day the original BVSA opened

Mission Statement:

BVSA uses the game of soccer to take the love of Jesus to tough places, evangelize and disciple young men, pray for the Holy Spirit to light them on fire, and expect entire communities to come to Christ as a result.



We aim to raise up boys to be loving husbands and fathers, respected leaders, and godly men. Men who can break cycles of spiritual lostness, and sins related to poverty, culture, and empty or false religion.  All we do centers around helping young men come to know Jesus, and be discipled in Truth.


We pray that God would allow us to mold boys into young men that will lead their future families, and entire communities, in a new direction – towards following Jesus, loving and providing for their families, and serving one another.  


Our ministry model is long-term.  When a BVSA Academy gets planted into a new area, we want to be a long-standing light on a hill in that community.  A place that will forever be known in the community as an instrument of love and hope.  With each BVSA ministry, the idea is to dig permanent roots for the establishment of the church in that place.


The BVSA vision started after living and working in a small village in Guatemala for a few years.  Over time, the trend among men in the community became obvious.  Almost without exception, we found the men to be abusive, alcoholic, absent, or a combination of the three.  In general, the women were considered property, and kids often wandering the streets all day, if not working the equivalent of a full time job.  As a result, the girls were growing into women who accepted abuse, abandonment, and unfaithfulness as “normal.”  And the boys… they grew up to be exactly like their dads.  It was a cycle that has repeated itself for generations.


We became devoted to figuring out how to help lead boys growing up in these tough environments to see that there is another way.  God gave us an answer through using soccer, which is basically an international language and passion, as the means to this end.  What else can provide several hours per day of a young man's undivided attention?!  While sports programs and other areas of emphasis are used to engage and provide opportunities, we also believe it to be critically important to give the boys a daily example.  An example of men who are following Jesus, who love and respect their wives and children, and who display integrity, discipline, and values in their daily life.  Our vision is based on the concept that boys learn how to be men by example.  The hope in the end is that these boys grow up seeing examples of godly men, husbands, and fathers that they will seek to one day become.

Through soccer training, tutoring, and life-on-life examples, our desire is to be deeply involved in the daily lives of the boys.  Behind the tough attitudes and thick skin of a street kid, there is often much pain and brokenness inside.  Their lives are not easy.  In the midst of all the programs and hard work within the BVSA daily schedule, our greater task is to shape these young men into new creatures - lovers of Jesus and of people - and lead them the Hope that will never let them down.


When you look past the "methods" of all that we do at BVSA, we could simply be defined as a church family.  Church communities have specific cultural dynamics and social dynamics, and they adapt and adjust (as instructed by Paul in the new testament) in order to reach the people around them.  That is exactly what we aim to do through the Buena Vista Sports Academy for Boys.