The Lopez Family

Quiche, Guatemala

Dennilson graduated from the original BVSA Academy in Guatemala in 2016 and was hired on as an assistant coach.  As he continued maturing and growing in his faith, he started teaching the Bible to the JV Rhinos, while also serving as the facilities manager for the Academy.  


Dennilson, most commonly known as "Nicho", has maintained a high level of integrity throughout his career as a Rhino and BVSA employee.  His humble spirit and hard-working attitude are his character traits that everyone notices right away. 


Years ago, while still a teenager and living with the Johnson's, Nicho told Brock he felt called to someday leave home and take the gospel to another people group.  Now, together with his wife Araceli, they are answering that call.  Nicho and Araceli are helping plant BVSA Quiche, which is a different region and people group in Guatemala, about 6 hours away from their home town.


Nicho has had a very difficult life.  Through it all he has developed a strong faith in the Lord, and we are excited to see how God continues to use him and his family.  To support or contact the Lopez family, use the links above.