At the end of each year we take on several extra expenses and re-stock academy needs for next year. 


If you would like to help,

click the "Donate" button to the right, and write the item in the memo.

Email with any questions 

 Thank you for your support!


1.  Water Bottles for Rhinos and Rinas:  $300 - RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

2.  Soccer Balls:  $350 - RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

3.  Uniforms for Coaching Staff:  $300 - RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

4.  Updated Security System for Academy:  $1,500 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

5.  Goalie Gloves:  $100 - RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

6.  Rehab Treatment Table:  $200 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

7.  Shin guards:  $75 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

8.  End of Year Bonuses for staff:  $1,175

9.  Paint for Academy: $1,000 - RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

10. Water Well Project:  $1,500

*Been working on this well project during the year to solve our water shortage problem. This amount will get us to completion, along with pump and plumbing!

Please mention which item #

in the notes of your donation


1. Soccer equipment:  $500 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

2. Graduation:  $400 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

3. Rhino cup flags:  $300 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

4. Cleats:  $1000 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

5. Staff bonuses:  $1350

6. Netting:  $300 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

7. Classroom:  $300 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

8. Kitchen supplies:  $300 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

9. Plaques and trophies:  $350

10. Back to school backpacks:  $600 RECEIVED, THANK YOU!

11. Need $700 per month in new monthly donors! 

Please mention which item #

in the notes of your donation