Pablo Garcia (BVSA-Guatemala 2019 Graduate) is attending university and playing soccer at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL!  To read more about this amazing story, please click here!



We are forming a team of people in or near Jacksonville, FL to support Pablo while he's here. In addition to the needs listed below, we're also looking for people who will sign up for visiting him on campus, taking him out to eat, sending him a care package, giving him a call, coming to his games, helping with basic needs, etc.


In addition to the specific items listed below, we are praying for monthly sponsors totaling $250 per month to cover Pablo's living expenses.  Please contact Milena directly (info below) if you would like to be on Pablo's monthly support team!

Immediate Needs

1. Flight & bags: $500 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

2. Text books for the year: $1200

3. Dorm set-up: $300

4. Toiletries: $80 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

5. School clothes/shoes: $350 - RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

6. Training gear: $250 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

7. Scientific Calculator: $60 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

8. School Supplies (backpack, planner, notebooks etc. ): $175 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

9. Bike: $200 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU!

10. Headphones: $30 / RECEIVED - THANK YOU


Please contact Milena Ruiz with any questions:

To give, just click on the

button below, and write in 

the memo which item you'd

like to cover.  If you'd like to

give a different amount and

have it go to greatest need,

just write "for Pablo" in the

memo.  Thank You!