videos from the Academy

BVSA: 2017 New Ministry Model

Introduction:  BVSA Guatemala

BVSA Guatemala: 2016 Preseason

BVSA Honduras: October 2015 Land Purchase

BVSA Guatemala: 2015 USA Trip

BVSA Guatemala: 2015 Graduating Class

JV Boys win trophy in tournament


Introduction to the Buena Vista Sports Academy for Boys


Rhinos doing Dance Dance Revolution


A day of Christmas Firsts


Merry Christmas from the Rhinos



Savannah Christian Church Video Introducing BVSA


The Kingdom of Heaven

Grand Opening of the Kids4Kids Training Table



Hubert Keller & Leiva Family Story



Video from SCC Team serving at BVSA - Oct 2011



First trip to Guatemala City & McDonalds - Sep 2011



The Rhinos hanging out and enjoying the grass! - July 2011



The rosters are set and we're off and running!



BVSA Facilities - Provision Timeline from beginning to end!