Darwin Ramos

Quiché, Guatemala

Darwin graduated from the original BVSA Academy in Guatemala in 2017 and was hired on as an assistant coach and to help manage facilities.  Darwin, most commonly known as "Mash", has a joyful spirit that helps him connect with people of all backgrounds.


When the Academy plant was underway in Quiché, Guatemala, Darwin was given the opportunity to relocate from Buena Vista and join the initial plant team.  Now, together with his wife Luzbi, and their son Santiago, they have relocated to Quiché.  The transition has been challenging, being away from family while trying to adjust to a new culture.  But they are committed to the call, and excited for what God is doing not only with BVSA-Quiché, but also with their family. 


To support or contact Darwin and his family, use the links above.